Open Source Projects

Project within Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Jonas is working in a research project in the area of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). We’re looking into the possibility of developing algorithms that are general, eg. algorithms that can be used for many different applications.

The project is headed by Claes Strannegård at Chalmers University and the source code is open and the documentation is available at

Odata Server

Jonas has developed a server that exposes a OData protocol for MySQL databases. Tables are exposed as entities and support read, insert, update and delete operations. The source code for the product is available on github . The server described in an article available at the OData blog

The server is used in the app Besiktning developed for Coop and is available for both iOS and Android.


Solution for performing inspections of trailers developed for Coop in Sweden. The solution consists of an app (Android & iOS) and a backend built on top of vTIgerCRM.


Fragmentsjs is a collection of patterns for development in JavaScript. The purpose is to use the strength of the JavaScript language and use libraries and frameworks only when absolutely necessary since these always bring a costs when used in a project.