CV Jonas Colmsjö

I have experience from relatively many different areas like development of mobile apps within the pharmaceutical and retail business, medical devices, web solutions, different types of business solutions (ERP-systems etc.) within for instance retail and manufacturing. I’ve had roles as project manager, doing requirements gathering/investigations, test lead, system architect and as a developer.

I’ve seen how important the design is in my recent projects, not only from an aesthetic perspective, but also from a usability point of view. This is a challenge to achieve, in particular within a regulatory environment like pharmaceuticals with long product life cycles. One key to success is to ensure that all parties that are involved have a common view of how product development will be performed.

Lately, I’ve also grown an interest for artificial intelligence (AI) and I’ve developed a framework, AnimatAI, for development and evaluation of algorithms for artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Examples of companies that I’ve has been working for are: AstraZeneca, ERT, Lindex, Coop, Saltå Kvarn, Axfood, Åhléns, Statoil, Telenor, Telia and Folksam


  • Methodologies: Agile methods such as Scrum and Extreme Programming, PMI PMBOK (Project Management Book Of Knowledge), SAP ASAP
  • Technologies: Java, Python, SQL, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS, NodeJS, SAP, Oracle, .NET
  • Roles: Project manager, Program manager, Business Analyst, Solution architect, Lead developer
  • Industries: Pharmaceuticals, Process industry, Retail, Logistics, Telecom, Banking and insurance

Recent Work experience

Global supplier of clinical studies (2019)

A global pharmaceutical company running a clinical trial with the goal of assessing the safety and outcomes of infants and children who were exposed to a drug preventing pre-term labor. Subjects/caretaker in 13 countries answered a set of five questionnaires translated into 18 languages using provisioned devices at different intervals in a custom built solution. Jonas was project manager at the solution provider for the study.

Medical Device Software (2018)

A global pharmaceutical is in the process of developing an app and a connected inhaler for COPD and Asthma patients with the aim to improve adherence. The plan is to register the app as a Medical Device Software in Europe and potentially also in other markets. Some key standards the app adheres to are IEC 62304 (Medical Device Software), IEC62366 (Application of usability engineering to medical devices) and ISO13485 (Medical devices – Quality management systems). Jonas role as a project manager was to plan out the necessary activities for the 2 year development project with activities such as UX/UI design, development, verification, formative and summative usability testing, validation, UAT and release activities.

UK supplier of clinical studies (2016-2017)

A global pharmaceutical company have developed a program using innovate technologies complementing their drugs in order to increase the patient engagement, improve patient health, give care givers better information for their decisions and increase the reliability of the results for the payers. The program include a respiratory service containing a iOS and Android app communicating with a Bluetooth add-on for the patient’s inhaler and a web portal. The main focus of the program is to improve the patient’s adherance using technological solutions that help changing their behavior and thereby their health.

Jonas was project manger for the project involving developes in two different companies in UK, the add-on supplier based in New Zeeland and the pharmaceutical company with personel in Sweden UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland and France.

UK supplier of clinical studies (2016-2017)

In a study of a COPD Disease Management Service for a global pharmaceutical company were by patients using the service compared with a control group not using the service. The goal of the study was to evaluate if the patients using the service were less hospitalized due to less exacerbations and their general health condition was also compared with the control group.

The service consists of a web portal and a Android app communicating with a add-on for the inhaler using Bluetooth. Jonas was project manger for the study involving developers at two different companies in UK, the vendor of the Bluetooth add-on in New Zeeland and the personnel of the pharmaceutical company in Sweden and UK.

Artificial General Intelligence - Internal project (2017-)

Gizur is participating in a research project in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). The possibility of developing Artificial Intelligence algorithms that are general are investigated, i.e. AI-algorithms that can be applied in several areas. The project is driven by Claes Strannegård at Chalmers University and the code is open sourced and available at

Jonas has developed a framework in Python that is used to develop intelligent agents living in a simulated environment. The goal of the agents is to learn to survive in the environment. It is possible for the agents to cooperate since it is possible for agents to communicate with each other.

Automatic REST API for MySQL database (2015-2016)

Development of backend API:s for databases is time consuming and inefficient if developed without support from tools. Automatic generation of source code also has drawbacks but using the OData standard released by Microsoft and SAP, it is possible to expose entities in a database through a REST API. Jonas developed a OData server in NodeJS that automatically expose tables as entities with support for read, insert, update and deletion. The project is open source and is available at Gizurs Github-account. There is also an article in the official OData blog that describe how the server is used OData:s blog

Pre-2016 experience

Here is a summary of my experience for the period 1998 until 2015, my Swedish CV contains more details.

Aug 2003 – 2015

Working with supply chain projects within the retail industry Jonas had has several project manger roles. In a comprehensive shift out of the legacy system at a Major Fashion Retailer Jonas was responsible for a large implementation team. The project was completed in a complex environment where core supply chain processes at the retailer was replaced. The team consisted of Accenture and client personnel where parts of the development work was performed in an off-shore center in Manchester.

Most recently Jonas worked in a supply chain project in a Major Swedish Department Retailer. Statistical methods are used in order to allocate goods to the stores as “fair” as possible based on historical sales. Allocations are used pushing goods when introducing new articles and also used for campaigns and phase-out of old articles.

Feb. 2002 – Jul. 2003

Having moved back to Gothenburg, Jonas started in the Products market unit and specialized in Supply Chain issues within the Retail industry. For instance, within a Major Swedish Fashion Retailer Jonas worked with the introduction of central store replenishment of basic goods, i.e. articles with stable selling patters around the year. Moving from a push to a pull model advanced statistical forecasting methods was used introduced. The goal was to increase the availability within the stores while not decreasing the inventory turn. Here Jonas led teams in different settings, e.g. design, development and data conversion.

Moving on to replenishment of fashion goods, i.e. articles with a seasonal selling curve, Jonas took charge of larger teams and a broader functional responsibility. Working as solution architect Jonas was responsible for process such as item creation, ordering, trade management, invoice matching, point-of-sales integration in addition to forecasting and replenishment. Also, Jonas led the development of a new merchandizing hierarchy, facilitating workshops with senior business representatives from the retailer’s business areas.

Jan. 2000 – Jan. 2002

During two years Jonas worked in the Communication & High-Tech industry as team lead in different projects such as broadband portals, mobile mail system and telecommunication billing.

In the billing project, the Telco was preparing for next generation 3G and IP based services. Here Jonas led a diverse team consisting of both client and Accenture personnel.

At another Telco a high level corporate wide review of the system support was performed affecting all business areas, wire-line, wireless as well as Internet services. Here Jonas developed a map of the system support and facilitated workshops with representatives from all business areas.

Working within the Internet Center Of Excellence in Stockholm ICE, Jonas had team lead roles in several projects. The applications varied from mobile gaming to web portals and management reporting. He also initiated and led a non-profit project that developed a handheld multimedia guide at the National Museum in Stockholm. This project received some national media attention and also resulted in a patent application.

July. 1998 – Dec. 1999

Having completed his engineering and economics studies at Chalmers, Jonas moved to Stockholm and started and working at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture).

During his first years at Andersen Consulting Jonas had various roles in different industries. Some examples are: sales support development at a Major Insurance Company, Web based dealer training at a Leading Electronics and High Tech Company, process and organization design for the IT department within a Major Pharmaceutical Company.

At the Pharmaceutical Company, Jonas participated in a pre-study for a data center consolidation. The study contained three parts: an as-is description, a gap analysis and an implementation plan. The study covered technical, organizational as well as process issues.

A multi-language web based training for resellers was developed for an Electronics and High Tech Company in order to increase sales of accessories. Jonas responsibilities were design, development and rollout of the technical solution.

A new system for property insurances was introduced in a major program at a Insurance Company. Jonas had the role as designer and developer of the front end. He also worked with the client to set up support process for the IT department.


  • 2008 - Gizur AB
  • 1998 - 2007 Accenture AB (Andersen Consulting AB)


Jonas has a M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from Chalmers University 1997 and a M.B.A from 1998.

During 2016-2018 has Jonas studied Cognitive Science at Gothenburg University. Areas covered are: Interaction Design, Artificial Intelligence, Neurology, Psychology, Linguistics and Philosophy. During 2019 Jonas has studies psychology at Gothenburg University.


  • SAP Demand Management – three days at SAP 3 in St. Ingbert
  • SAP Retail – one week at SAP i St Ingbert
  • Oracle RMS – one week at Accenture in Manchester
  • Design Patterns – three days in Stockholm
  • Leadership – one week at Krauthammer in Stockholm
  • New Senior Manager – one week at Accenture in Chicago
  • New Manager – one week at Accenture in Chicago
  • New Consultant – one week at Accenture in Chicago
  • New Analyst - four weeks at Accenture in Stockholm and Chicago


Language skills

  • Swedish, mother tongue
  • English, fluent

Other positions (non-profit work)